Employers And Staff

With markets becoming increasingly global, labour has needed to be more mobile. Employers are now regularly casting their nets overseas in an effort to access talent and skill sets that are not easily accessible in Australia.

A common misconception is employer sponsorship is an avenue only available to staff of Big Business.  However, the main users of Australia’s more common work visa programs have traditionally been small and medium sized businesses.

No matter the size of your business, Corby Wallace is able to assist in navigating Australia’s visa processes to find solutions that best suit the needs of you and your staff.

Corby Wallace is able to provide end-to-end advice and assistance across all employer or business driven visa processes, including:

  • Temporary and permanent visa options for skilled workers
  • Visas for participants of research, occupational traineeships, professional development programs, or reciprocal staff exchange arrangements
  • Business Innovation and Investment visas (including under the Significant Investor Visa stream)
  • Visas for domestic staff of eligible executives
  • Visas for religious workers
  • Visas for talented sportspersons, referees, coaches, or other sporting support persons
  • Assisting businesses, regions or industries negotiate labour or designated migration agreements with the Australian government

Contact Corby Wallace to confirm costs for the visa option relevant to you.