Australia’s family migration program has seen in recent years a significant spike in costs and delays.  Finding effective and affordable avenues to sponsor eligible family members for migration to Australia may often require complex and strategic planning over a number of years.

Corby Wallace is sympathetic to needs of Australian citizens and permanent residents seeking to be reunited with family members.  Our staff are able to provide end-to-end assistance to individuals interested in applying for a visa under Australia’s Family Migration program, including:

  • Visas for fiancés, spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • Visas for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • Visas for dependant children or other dependant relatives of Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • Visas for partners, children or other eligible family members of New Zealand citizens

Contact Corby Wallace to discuss visa options that may be available for your family members.

Price List

Key Services for FamiliesProfessional Fees in AUD
(excluding GST)
Partner Visa Application (Both Stages) $2500-3000
Contributory Parent/Aged Contributory Visa Application$2500-3000
New Zealand Citizen (Family Relationship) Application$2000-2500